Telehealth for Ulcerative Colitis featuring Dr. Marla Dubinsky

Media Coverage | October 09, 2020

Ulcerative Colitis or UC is an inflammatory bowel disease that causes irritation and inflammation in the large intestine and ulcers in the colon. Like most chronic diseases, it should be monitored frequently, which is where telemedicine excels. Marla Dubinsky, MD, a gastroenterologist and professor at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, says that recently, “Some people living with UC are experiencing a lot of stress and worry about flaring but don’t want to go to urgent care or the hospital because they’re concerned about COVID-19. Patients also have questions about living with UC during the COVID-19 pandemic and telemedicine provides some opportunities to address their concerns more quickly.” Ideally, people with UC can connect with other members of their healthcare team. At Mt. Sinai, she says, “In addition to connecting with your gastroenterologist, many times patients may be able to receive care through telemedicine appointments … [with] a psychologist, nutritionist or pharmacist. These check-ins may be important to help with tips on how to manage the stress and possible changes in routine and diet associated with lifestyle changes during the pandemic.” If you have a pain in your gut, telemedicine can be a balm.

Marla Dubinsky, MDMarla Dubinsky, MD, a gastroenterologist at Mt. Sinai, says she enjoys telemedicine visits: “I think one of my greatest joys and solaces throughout this experience is being able to see my patients’ faces, meet their pets.”

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