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Welcome to Trellus Health®
We're glad you are here!

32BJ has selected Trellus Health® as a partner because they believe in the importance of your overall health. We are excited you are here and look forward to getting to know you and working with you on your personal journey.  Our partnership enables 32BJ employees full access to Trellus Elevate™.  

Trellus Elevate™ is a personalized program designed by GI experts from Mount Sinai and scientifically proven to help people living with IBD and IBS. In the clinical study, our data demonstrated that people who applied the Trellus Elevate™ approach became more optimistic, confident and in control of their condition, which lead to significantly reduction in the number of ER visits, hospitalizations, and steroid use over time. Working with GI nurse educators, coaches and GI dietitians, our members learn new skills, as well as nutrition and dietary knowledge that will help them take control of their health and well-being.

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The Road to Well-Being Starts Here

How Trellus Elevate™ Works for You

  • The initial Elevate Assessment takes 10-15 minutes
  • We will review your results with you and understand your needs so we can design your Elevate Roadmap, which is completed at your pace
  • We're with you along the way through digital and live experiences, plus you have access to support when you need it
  • We will track your progress and celebrate success along the way to living your healthiest life with IBD or IBS

Taking our Elevate Assessment is YOUR FIRST STEP!

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