Coordinating and Connecting Multidisciplinary Care for Complex Chronic Conditions, Starting with IBD

The TrellusElevate™ Platform fosters communication, collaboration and coordination of expert driven whole person care while building positivity and resilience through:

Stratification and Personalized Connected Health Plan

Our QUAD4X™ proprietary methodology stratifies patients into connectivity quadrants driving personalized care plans targeting both disease and resilience outcomes.

Gold-Standard Clinical Care Delivered by Connected IBD Doctors or NPs

Convenient telehealth interactions are coordinated with in-person visits with one of our local connected IBD providers trained on the latest guidelines for IBD management, new clinical paradigms and preventative IBD care.

Dedicated IBD Care Team of Nurses, Mental Health Providers, and Dietitians

Experienced and empathetic multidisciplinary team provides one on one coaching to strengthen resilience and coordinate interventions to enhance self-care, prevent and manage symptoms and monitor medication safety and overall health maintenance.

Technology-Enabled 24/7 Access and Tracking

24/7 access to digital tools for self-care, stress relief, nutrition, and continuous remote monitoring.

Empowering Patients, Improving Outcomes

Trellus’ goal-oriented and resilience building method empowers patients by putting them in charge of their own health.


Number of people in the US living with IBD, Crohn’s Disease, or Ulcerative Colitis1


New IBD cases in the US each year in need of personalized expert care2


Higher average annual cost of care for IBD patients with mental health comorbidity


Reduction in hospitalizations and ED visits for IBD patients utilizing resilience-based precision care coordination4

Delivering Value Across the
Continuum of Care

Trellus coordinates expert whole-person care rooted in resilience for people living with complex chronic conditions, improving outcomes and lowering overall healthcare costs.

Employers & Labor Unions

We keep your employees and members happy, healthy, and productive, while reducing the high costs of unplanned and inappropriate care. Our connected health solution delivers high quality, consumer-friendly, healthcare. Engaged members receive gold-standard care delivered from Trellus-connected providers complemented by our dedicated virtual multidisciplinary care team to address chronic conditions and emotional health.

Health Plans & Systems

Trellus contracts with health plans and health systems to engage and connect Trellus-Connected providers with IBD patients and their partners in care. Our connected health solution allows patients to access gold-standard value-based care while making the use of providers and facilities more efficient. Our Tech+Touch approach enhances the provider and patient experience across the healthcare ecosystem.

Healthcare Providers

Our virtual multidisciplinary team works alongside you to ensure your patient receives best-in-class care through continuous remote monitoring, real time communication, and support for behavioral health and nutrition. Our connected health solution enhances patient communication, collaboration and satisfaction.

People Living with Chronic Conditions

Our dedicated professional care team of nurses, dieticians and behavioral health experts are certified to manage complex chronic conditions and interact via convenient telehealth visits. Our connected health solution enhances your experience and collaboration with your IBD Provider and care team.

Partners in Care

Trellus members can grant access to family members, friends, and caregivers for active involvement in care coordination.


Trellus Health is transforming the way chronic conditions are treated. Read what the media is saying about our resilience-driven connected health platform and learn about our upcoming events.


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Hear from Our Partners and Investors

“Crohn’s Disease was discovered at Mount Sinai by Dr. Burrill Crohn nearly 100 years ago, and the System has made great strides in enhancing the standard of care and outcomes for our patients. We’re pleased to partner with Trellus Health to advance commercial development of a resilience-driven approach and connected health model for treating IBD and other chronic conditions, to further improve outcomes and patients’ lives.”

Erik Lium, PhD, President, Mount Sinai Innovation Partners, Chief Commercial Innovation Officer, Mount Sinai Health System, Non-executive Director, Trellus Health

Innovation at Trellus

Experienced Team

Our strength building methods and treat to target care plans are developed by leading experts in IBD, and put into practice by our highly-qualified and empathetic team with deep clinical, healthcare, and technology experience.

Marla C. Dubinsky, MD Co-Founder
Marla C. Dubinsky, MD Co-Founder

Professor, Pediatrics, Gastroenterology, Chief of Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Co-Director Susan and Leonard Feinstein IBD Clinical Center, Mount Sinai Health; Co-Inventor of Prospect Tool; Co-Founder of Cornerstones Health

Laurie Keefer, PhD Co-Founder
Laurie Keefer, PhD Co-Founder

Professor, Gastroenterology, Psychiatry Director, Psychobehavioral Research Co-Director, IBD Medical Home, Inventor, GRITT Method, Mount Sinai Health

Monique Fayad, MBA CEO
Monique Fayad, MBA CEO

Former CEO & Co-Founder, ICDLogic, Former SVP, Strategy & Digital Development, Elsevier Health Sciences and HCPro; built and launched five digital health products including CodeGenius, HCPro Comply, OncologySTAT, and Cardiosource

Jamey Hancock CTO​
Jamey Hancock CTO​

Vice President, IPSoft,​
Global Strategic Partnerships​
Hi-Tech – Automation Cognitive & AI​

Global Thought Leaders

Our transformative methodology and approach to connected health are informed by global thought leaders in IBD, Positive Psychology, and grounded in science. Together with our Scientific Advisory Board, Trellus Health is bringing resilience and optimism to the forefront of care.

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