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The Science of Trellus Health®

Evidence-Based Results

Close to 90% of people with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis successfully completed the resilience training program at the IBD Center Mount Sinai New York and saw significant improvements in their resilience scores, health outcomes and costs.

Health Outcomes and Quality of Life
ER Visits and Hospital Admissions

Trellus Health® Takes a Holistic Approach to Help Individuals Overcome Common Barriers to Effective Self-Management.

Trellus Health® Resilience Principles, Mind and Body

Disease Acceptance

Learning and taking ownership of healthcare needs.


Maintaining collaborative relationships with healthcare providers and navigating the healthcare system.


Performing health-promoting activities and changing behavior to minimize disease impact.


Maintaining optimism and hope, managing social support, and building community.

Social Support

Adapting to life with a chronic condition and striving for growth and personal satisfaction.

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