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Self-Management Training and Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Support for Your Patients with IBD and IBS

Trellus Elevate™ is a comprehensive health mastery program that gives your patients access to a multidisciplinary team of GI nurse educators, dietitians, and health resilience coaches, all of whom are available for one-on-one coaching, along with engaging learning modules, health and wellness tracking, nutritional support, and access to research and educational resources, designed to work alongside, not replace, you and your medical treatment plan

Improve Health Outcomes and Quality

Automated disease monitoring and therapy notification system designed specifically for GI providers and their patients based on best practice quality metrics which can be customized based on your needs and preferences, leading to improved quality and outcomes

Increased Time and Productivity

Empowering your patients to be effective self-managers will alleviate the burden on you and your staff, streamline your workflow by reducing the volume of incoming messages, and minimize unnecessary healthcare visits, giving you more time to focus on clinical care

Improve Patient Satisfaction and Experience

By providing disease management tools and support for their emotional and mental well-being, Trellus Elevate™ also helps foster a collaborative relationship between you and your patients

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Placeholder female headshot

Trellus Elevate® is a service that bridges the gap between office visits for my patients and provides much needed assistance with behavioral health and nutritional support and helps to keep my patients on track with my treatment plan.

Dr. Anish Patel

Director of IBD Center, Brooke Army Medical Center

Trellus Elevate™ is what I wish I had when I was newly diagnosed with Crohn's disease. Every newly diagnosed patient should see what Trellus Elevate™ is about and start their IBD journey off on the right foot with the skills and support to develop resilience.

Mara S., a Trellus Elevate™ participant

Thriving with Crohn's disease

Before starting the Trellus Elevate™ program, I was unable to manage my pain and it prevented me from enjoying my day to day activities. Ever since working with the resilience coach and the rest of the Trellus Health® staff, I have been able to manage my pain and live my life again.

Sabrina H., a Trellus Elevate™ participant

Thriving with ulcerative colitis

Resilience to me is pushing through that voice in your head that you can't do something because of your IBD, and that we are really very strong as IBD patients.

Isabella H

Thriving with ulcerative colitis

I was very nervous about going out, I was nervous that I wasn't going to be able to get into remission, so I spoke to my GI doctor. She recommended that I contact Trellus Health®. I finally feel like I have my life back. I don't have that anxiety, I love to go out, be with my friends and family and I owe it all to Trellus Health®.


Thriving with Crohn's

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