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How Resilience Driven Care Improves Health Outcomes

Dr. Marla Dubinsky, MD

Dr. Marla Dubinsky discusses how resilience driven care improves health outcomes and empowers patients with chronic health conditions. Trellus Health provides much needed support to remove barriers and connect patients to a multidisciplinary team.

Tackling the Challenge of IBD Through GRITT

Dr. Laurie Keefer, PhD

Dr. Laurie Keefer created the GRITT methodology to equip IBD patients and their care teams with tools to address both physical and emotional wellbeing. Resilience driven care is not only better for the patient, but also keeps healthcare costs down.

The Challenges of Treating IBD

Dr. Charlie Lees, PhD, FRCP(Ed)/strong>

IBD patients experience high rates of anxiety and depression with little psychological and behavioral support. Dr. Charles Lee discusses this critical gap in care and how Trellus Health provides the solution for better health outcomes.

Trellus Health Listed on the London Stock Exchange

London Stock Exchange

London Stock Exchange welcomes Trellus Health plc to celebrate the listing of the Company’s public shares onto AIM on the 28th May 2021.

The Company is incorporated in England and Wales with US headquarters in White Plains, NY.

Partners That Trust Us

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