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Discover the power within you to master your IBD with the support of Trellus Elevate™

Florida Blue has partnered with Trellus Health® to offer Trellus Elevate™ at no additional cost for eligible members with Crohn’s disease & ulcerative colitis.  Developed by leading IBD experts, Trellus Elevate™ is a clinically proven program customized to suit your individual needs & goals, helping you manage the emotional, mental, nutritional, & physical impacts of IBD. Trellus Elevate™ empowers you to experience less of IBD dictating your life & more of living each day on your terms.

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Real support, Real control, Real results

As someone living with IBD, you will have unlimited, real time access to a virtual team of specialized IBD nurse educators, dietitians, & health coaches through Trellus Elevate™. They're dedicated to supporting you in managing your IBD while complementing your doctor's care plan. With a personalized plan at your fingertips, you will gain valuable knowledge, proven tools, & effective strategies, empowering you to confidently take control of your health & achieve your goals.

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The Trellus Elevate™ Experience

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Complete your online IBD Assessment, & schedule your live virtual Trellus Elevate™ Navigator call

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Meet with your Trellus Elevate™ Navigator to discuss your IBD assessment results & review your personalized plan

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Sign in to the Trellus Elevate™ platform for unlimited, real-time access to your personalized team & proven tools

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“With Trellus Elevate™, I have a new form of resilience that allows me to go beyond surviving the day-to-day but influencing my day-to-day so that I can live the fullest of each day. After participating in Trellus Elevate™, the ball & chain of living with ulcerative colitis holding me back from everyday experiences is definitely a lot lighter.” - Sydney

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